Amr Hammour Biography

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Amr Hammour (Jazz Festival 2012)

Amr Hammour started to play Piano at age 8, Hammour switched to guitar at 12.By the age of 17 Hammour was working regularly with different musical projects around Syria, at the age of 19 Hammour Joined one of the best Performing band in Syria and started to tour around the Middle east.

Since then Hammour Gained a great bandstand experience and decided to present his playing as a first Syrian trade mark playing style, which combined the sound of his improvising and the quality of his Harmonic sensibility there for the energy float through his guitar sound. Hammour showed an extra ordinary Talent for the Syrian audience in 2002. Playing six of his original compositions with his Band in one of the most famous Syrian music festival.

Hammour decided to join the Syrian music academy, to obtain the knowledge of music theory, he studied Singing, Clarinet, Piano and Guitar Performance, and had the chance to do a lot of workshops with an amazing musicians from all over the world during his study, from all genres, specially Jazz like ( Charles Davis /USA/, Siggy Davis /USA/, Reggie Moore /USA/, Frank Carlberg /Swiss/, Jan Ackermann /Holland/, Daniel Blanc /Swiss/, Zaid Naser /USA/, Chris Byars /USA/, Oli Hayhurst /UK/, Zoë Al Rahman /UK/).

Hammour was one the major musicians members who established the Syrian Swiss Jazz Orchestra, the first full size big band the Middle East in 2004, he is also one of the musicians who established the Jazz scene in Syria, and he toured with his Amr Hammour band around Syria and the Middle East. In 2009 Hammour had the chance to Perform with one of the world greatest bebop Saxophonist Charles Davis (Mr. Davis Performed with Billie Holiday, Ben Webster, Elvin Jones, Freddie Hubbard, John Coltrane, Clifford Jordan and many others). Also Hammour did some workshops with different artists and musicians around Europe, He was inspired and influenced by one of the greatest American bebop jazz pianist and educator Barry Harris, so he attended one of the workshops that Mr.Harris did in Rome, Italy.


Personal Interview with Amr Hammour

During my life since I was a child, Music was always around me, Actually I never  remember a time when music was not there and if it wasn’t! then there is something missing.I really enjoy performing, but the most that I enjoy is Improvising and interacting with the musicians around me and the connections between us and the audience, its like heaven to me.

Amr Hammour
Hammour also Performed with Famous Lebanese composer, pianist, performer, playwright, and political commentator Ziad Rahbani ( son of FAIRUZ /Lebanese singer/ ) In 2009 Hammour recorded his first unofficial album with his Trio, (Time Circle Album) which was a 7 tracks album, a jazz standards songs, and one of Hammour compositions. In 2012 Hammour Performed in London, UK with Oli Hayhurst, in different venues, joining the great singer Juliet Kelly, and ended his Tour Performing with Gene Calderazzo and Oli Hayhurst as Amr Hammour Trio. Performing in festivals and big venues was Hammour passion, Interacting with audience is the most important thing in this kind of events. It took a place for Amr Hammour Band during the last 10 years to be performed in the (Jazz lives in Syria festival) at Damascus ancient Citadel for every year since 2004 till 2010, and one of the major venues where Hammour Band Performed was (Damascus Opera theater). Hammour always trying to develop a way of improvising with his creative sound and techniques, and his way of special harmonization, he is really inspired by both Pat’s ( Metheny and Martino) techniques and Harmony approaches, which kept him discovering a new methods of using the instrument, even combining the Arabic eastern Techniques with the Western jazz.

Hammour now has a new vision for his music, using mainly guitar and the western band formation to combine the eastern Arabic with western jazz music. Hammour is based in Berlin, Germany now. and he is preparing to record his first official album with his band.

Hammour performed with his band in Berlin Philharmonie and Fete de la musik 2015 in Berlin Germany.