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Amr Hammour is based in Berlin, Germany and he released his first official album with Eight Moments in 2018; which is available on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon and many other musical Platforms. Amr performed with his band at the Berlin Philharmonie in 2015 in Berlin, Germany; since then he is performing regularly in Germany and Europe.

Amr performed with: Charles Davis (USA), Siggy Davis (USA), Reggie Moore (USA), Zaid Naser (USA), Chris Byars (USA), Oli Hayhurst (UK), Gene Calderazzo(USA), Andrea Marcelli (USA), Maria Baptist (DE), Thibault Falk (FR), Rino Zumbini (IT), Juliet Kelly (UK) etc.

Regularly performing in berlin venues like: Schlot Jazz Club, B-flat, Yorckschlösschen, Badenscher Hof, Peppi Guggenheim etc.‏

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