As a music educator with over 17 years of experience, I have developed a specialized curriculum that has helped numerous individuals of all ages with their musical abilities. It is important to tailor the teaching approach to each individual’s personality and needs. I will teach you how to teach yourself effectively. Music is part of a microcosmic system, and musical modes have been closely associated with the movement of the universe. The concept of ethical power is based on the mathematical analogy between the relationships of soul movement, string vibrations, and celestial motion.

Guitar Lessons for All Levels

  1. Rock-Blues Guitar for Beginners to Advanced:
    • Learn picking techniques such as sweep and alternate picking.
    • Explore modes for rock guitar and rock/blues improvisation.
    • Study famous rock songs and utilize pedal and multi-effects.
  2. Jazz Guitar for Beginners to Advanced:
    • Learn improvisation modes, triads, intervals, chords, chord positions, and chord progressions (e.g., 2-5-1).
    • Analyze standards and transcribe solos.

Vocal Lessons for All Levels

In the styles of pop, R&B, soul, and jazz:

    • Enjoy the process of singing and have fun.
    • Discover new ways to control your voice and handle it effectively.
    • Learn exercises and techniques to improve your vocal tone, power, and confidence.
    • Vocal warm-ups usually involve simple breathing and vocal exercises.
    • Automatic learning outcomes include clean intonation, healthy breathing, solid rhythm, emotional interpretation, bold improvisation, and proper microphone technique.
    • I will accompany you on the piano or guitar, or you will be supported by backing tracks.

Songwriting, Theory, and Production Lessons

It is important to have fun and enjoy singing.
Discover new ways to control your voice
to be able to deal with it.
You will also learn simple exercises and techniques from me with which you can give your voice more sound and power. You gain confidence when singing.
I start singing lessons with a vocal warm-up, usually with simple breathing and vocal exercises.
When you learn with me you automatically learn:
clean intonation, healthy breathing, secure rhythm, emotional interpretation, courageous improvisation, correct microphone technique
I will accompany you on the piano, guitar or you will be supported by playbacks.

Student Concert

Let’s have fun playing and singing live. The concert takes place once or twice a year. Students get the opportunity to perform on a real stage with a professional band. After spending time learning songs and techniques, it’s rewarding to showcase them in a live performance. Students can perform their own music or cover songs of their choice. P.S.: Non-students are welcome to participate in the student concert.

Guitar Improvisation Workshop

How to make your improvisation sound cool. In this workshop, we explore pentatonic shapes in different keys and various approaches to achieve melodic improvisation. We will discuss the 7 modes of the major and harmonic minor scales, as well as the diminished and bebop scales. You will learn how to build a specific 12-bar improvisation by working on each bar individually and the associated chord. Professional musicians (rhythm section, bass, and drums) will join the workshop at the end, allowing participants to experience jamming with a live interaction session.

Introduction to Songwriting Workshop

In this workshop we work on the construction of a song.

We will take an example of many different song forms and analyze it, digging between the lines.

Check many chord progressions and the options of using multiple scales (modulation).

We will write lyrics together and try to express the emotion of these lyrics with the Harmony used and the melody composed.