Studio & Production

A great atmosphere for your creativity. In my studio you will have all the possibilities to be creative and record your instruments or either edit your music‏‏

I offer for my clients‏‏

 Music production for TV & Radio commercials
 Composing music for written lyrics
 Arranging written songs
Helping to write better lyrics

Voice recording (Vocal) & (speech)

Electric and Acoustic Guitar Recording

Bass Guitar and Double bass recording

Saxophone and Trumpet

Audio & Midi Tracks editing

Mixing & Mastering

What I do

Amr's Music Studios is designed to give you the very best in flexibility and comfort for your projects.


I have a variety of digital audio workstations. I will mix your tracks in a very artistic way, taking care of the details of expressing your music. If a track calls for reamping and gritty layering through hardware, I’ll gladly do it


For me, this is an important moment where I attempt to capture the sonic substance of each person interaction. I utilize a special signal chains (microphones, digital & analog preamps), but I prioritize recording unique musical expressions.

Songwriting & Pre-Production

I come from a rich background of performing and songwriting. I would love to help you develop your musical ideas in advance, so that your time spent recording is time spent well that means you spend less money!


Once everybody agrees that the mix is great, it’s time to master and finalize the recording and/or project. The audio no longer has to be excessively limited and compressed to compete, since all major streaming and online services (Spotify, Apple, YouTube, Tidal etc.) now offer normalized loudness. I am familiar with the rules set out in EBU R 128, and have experience mastering these new requirements.


Many of the jobs in audio processing are unspectacular but they have to be done. These include tasks such as vocal tuning and editing, drum editing, recording voice artists, creating commercials, eliminating noise and disturbances from recordings, restoring archive material and so on. Do not hesitate to ask me for help!


I offer a unique opportunity to work with some of Germany’s finest session musicians/producers. Contact me for more details! You can bring your music to life by working with any of the highly talented musicians/producers/songwriters regularly work with. These are people with many decades of dedicated experience under their belts who can deliver unique performances with the tight organic feel that can only come from teams that have worked together for years.

Studio Equipments and Softwares‏‏

Arturia, Keylab 88 mkII‏‏

Fender Twin reverb

Antelope Zen Tour

MESA/Boogie Mark V


Yamaha HS Serie


Guitar Amps:
• Mesa Boogie Mark five 90Watt
• Fender Twin Reverb-Amp reissued 85
• Peavey Classic 30
• Ibanez Troubadour TA 35
• Tc electronic Amp Bam200
• Acoustic image Clarus 2r
Boxes and Speakers
• Tc electronic Box BC208
• Custom built box (Eminence Delta-12A 8 Ohm)
• Joyo box (Eminence Beta-8A)

Bass Guitars:
• PJ bass short scale Marcus Miller U5 (Active American fender Pickups)
• Squire jazz bass modified (Active American fender Pickups)
• Washburn fretless PJ Bass modified (Active American fender pickups)

A variety of electric guitar with humbucker to single pickups
Acoustic and classical guitars, 12 strings & piccolo guitars
Fretless nylon strings guitar and Synthesizer guitar (Analog and Digital)‏‏

• AKG C214
• MG M930
• Sennheizer E906
• Shure Sm57
• Sennheizer E525S‏‏


Cubas 12 Pro

Plugins Instruments:
• Arturia V Collection 8
• Arturia Augmented Piano, Brass and Strings
• Arturia MiniFreak V
• XLN Addictive Drums 2
• Native Instrument collection
• Steinberg Iconica Symphonic Sampling

Plugins FX:
• Arturia FX Collection 3
• Arturia Dist Coldfire
• Arturia Rev LXß24
• Wave CLA Classic Compressors
• Wave SSL 4000 Collection
• Wave Gold
• Wave Butch Vig Vocal‏‏